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there's a lot more still ahead in the next half-hour or. >> landmark legislation out of annapolis and richmond. >> also, celebrating the music of the motor city, a special white house concert. >> first, high winds and a chance of thunder in the weekend forecast. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good friday morning. i am greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. thanks for being with us. let's give started with traffic and weather. that live picture we just saw, sort of says it all. >> limited visibility especially north and northwest of the immediate washington area. good friday morning. it's got to be an active day. in terms of showers and maybe a few storms the first half of the
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dead. then, windy conditions this midday and afternoon. moderate and heavy rain moving through west virginia and western maryland, approaching winchester and martinsburg and hagerstown. then that will continue tracking east. locally we just have damped .treets - rain showers moving in through the morning at midday. a cold front around lunchtime could trigger isolated thunderstorms. there's a high wind warning in effect this afternoon. winds could approach 60 miles an hour in terms of gusts. we are approaching 60 miles an hour on the highway. in pretty good shape right now along 66 heading into vienna. 95 slowdown out of fredericksburg near stafford a little. back up to speed in woodbrige. let's take you to a virginia camera to show you a picture of king street, wet pavement.
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they are moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. 5:01 on this friday. we are on storm watch this morning as the storm system heads in our direction. the celtics is already getting damaged. -- the south is already cleaning up the damage. in memphis the storm ripped the roofs off. pepco says it is ready for severe weather. storms are expected to bring us heavy rain and gusty winds this afternoon. pepco says trees battled by previous storms could fall down and knocked out power. the company has put crews and contractors on standby in case of any outages. moving on, and developments in the crisis in libya. anti-government protesters are moving closer to the capital. >> international pressure is
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increasing on leader moammar gaddafi. the economic impact of the crisis can be felt here. pamela brown has details from the satellite center. >> good morning. this is having a ripple effect. if the violence in libya rises, so will be oil prices. if prices spiked above $100 a barrel yesterday before going down. it is fueling fears that high gas prices will affect buying paula of consumers and hurt the economic recovery. the oil prices, a gallant amounts to about $3.40. -- the price of a gallon amounts to about $3.40. some officials say they are ready to release emergency stockpiles. president obama says the u.s. will be able to ride followed the situation. anti-government protesters in libya are wrapping up a
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demonstration against their leader. but there are no signs that he will leave office voluntarily. the uprising continues. thousands of farmers are trying to flee, but the weather is making that difficult. americans trying to leave by boat are still stuck because of high seas. the white rose plans to send a charter plan to a tripoli today. we are monitoring the situation and will bring you the latest. pamela brown reporting, abc 7 news. rescuers are still picking through the ruins of collapsed buildings in christchurch, new zealand. they are searching for more than 200 people missing since tuesday's devastating quake. the death toll is 113. no one has been pulled alive from the rubble since wednesday. virginia senate to enact one of the toughest anti-abortion laws of the century. they passed a bill yesterday requiring clinics that perform first trimester abortions to me the same standards as hospitals. critics of the legislation say that could force 17 of the
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clinics to close in the state of 21 clinics. >> it would drive up the cost of getting an abortion in virginia. >> i don't take abortion lightly. if they are going to increase the requirements, it would be better to have treatment might in a hospital. >> no other state requires the standards. governor bob mcdonnell says that he will sign the bill. but maryland lawmakers are on the verge of making the free state to the six want to legalize same-sex marriage. -- the 6th one to legalize same-sex marriage. >> good morning. maryland state senate passed legislation for same-sex marriage with a vote of 25 to 21. supporters are celebrating this morning, but opponents of
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following the fight this with the public referendum. gay activists cheered yesterday. >> i started crying. we have been together 15 years next month. we have waited long time. >> the first openly gay member celebrated with them. >> i am so happy we have been able to get this done. >> the bill protects churches and religious organizations from having to recognize same-sex unions. the governor is expected to sign off. >> i will cancel vacation until this is done >>. senator nancy jacobs intends to lead a petition drive so the issue can be brought to upper income. she and others believe marriage is for a man and a woman. but supporters say this is about human rights and the time has come in maryland's. run inn't know if i will
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four years. codified lose an election over this, so what. -- if i lose an election over this. >> gay marriage opponents will try to get required signatures to qualify for a referendum by this summer. if that happens, it could get on the november, 2012, ballot. we are following breaking news from wisconsin. the state assembly has passed a budget bill that would strip most public orders of their collective bargaining rights. the legislation now heads to the state senate. democratic senators led the state to prevent a vote and that plans sparked huge protests at the state capital> it is 44 degrees. >> still to come, more drama in the d.c. government. american aid is out of a job and vincent gray is not speaking --
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is out of the job. >> charlie sheen lashes out at his hit show and producers are pulling the plug
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meteorologist adam caskey with your forecast. let's get to it. looking at the radar and areas of rain, even heavy downpours approaching hagerstown, martinsburg, moving into winchester and front royal. that will push off to the east. they will continue pushing east through the morning. we will have areas of grain moving through the region. a cold front and by midday will cause a few thunderstorms especially close to noon. high temperatures near 60 degrees around lunchtime, dropping their after and becoming very windy. gusts will approach 60 miles an hour this afternoon and that's why a high wind warning takes effect at 2:00 p.m. with a wind advisory before that. diminishing wind tonight. partly cloudy tomorrow, in low 40's, increasing clouds on sunday. we are watching the radar closely because that affects the
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traffic in the area where it is really coming down hard. be careful as you head out. this morning it is going to be evolving and even the oil today it will affect traffic. that's why we do traffic and weather together. it's is foggy in spots. 95 out of newington to springfield, marching on. on georgia avenue inside the beltway there's wet pavement. travel times are in our favor on the greenway, a toll road, 66 between centreville and the beltway and on 270. back to you. >> thank you. 44 degrees. >> coming up, cooking in the kitchen with google. it could be in your new best friend in the kitchen. >> once again, mayor vincent gray finds himself under the
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microscope. courtney robinson, live in the west. an aid fired and what the mayor has to say.
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checking our top stories at 5:15, anti-government protesters in libya are moving closer to the country's capital. pressure grows on libyan leader moammar gaddafi to end the violent crackdown. the u.n. security council will meet today to consider what actions to take against his regime. lawmakers in maryland and virginia have approved two controversial bills. yesterday the virginia general assembly approved tougher regulations for abortion clinics while the maryland senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage in the free state. a saudi arabian college student charged with plotting a
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terrorist attack in texas is scheduled to be in court today. prosecutors say that he bought chemicals as part of implantable up nuclear plants or former president george bush's house. a rough week for the d.c. government. there was a the suv controversy and now there's a mayor david with an alleged criminal past and a tearful press conference. courtney robinson has more. >> good morning. the mayor is in the spotlight, criticized for the suv regarding kwame brown and also hiring a man in d.c. government who was fired yesterday amid allegations of criminal past. batman is sulaiman brown. he was appointed to the health care finance committee. he was fired yesterday amid
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allegations of a criminal past involving assaulting a 13-year- old girl and impersonating a police officer. he was escorted from his office yesterday. turning a salary of 110th thousand dollars. sulaiman brown showed up at a press conference and denied allegations, calling them lies. nonetheless, the mayor is under fire from constituents and other council members pointing to nepotism, cronyism, and exactly how a man is team are vetting these aides. the 14-year-old suspected of murdering a teacher at the new facility and will be tried as an adult. the teenager is accused in that beating, attempted rape, and strangling of the 65-year-old last february. the suspect was 13 at the time of the murder. metro has announced a
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proposal to try to combat rising youth crime. some students will be issued i.d. passes, which would limit the hours they would be allowed to ride. the transit agency plans to issue those in april for students at dc's school without walls. it could expand to cover all d.c. public school students who receive a transit subsidy card. >> want to get rid of the kids making trouble. but i would not want to wear a badge all the time. >> you want to be safe. >> serious crime reached a five- year high last year on metro, 7 rapes, 130 aggravated assaults, more than a thousand robberies. most of the stolen items were electronic devices. it's friday. putting zune to the test and google's recipe guided. >> google makes it easier to
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search for recipes. there's a new link on the left hand panel that will narrow your search results to show only recipes. you can search by ingredients and other criteria and there's calorie counts and more. motorola's answer to the ipad went on sale. xoom run software designed specifically for slate. it is nice. >> the solid alternative to the ipad. some of the things that are promised not there yet. 4g network is coming later. adobe flash is coming later. overall motorola's, up with a solid device with solid software from google. >> the full review is on usa today's website. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> it's going to be a stormy day. it is going to be.
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there's rain for the first half of the day. second half of the day, wind. >> a bad hair day. >> this is what to expect. morning and mid day showers and a few thunderstorms possible around lunchtime. up to 1/2 inch of additional rain fall and will possibly along the mason-dixon line. that's on top of what we picked up last night. mount airy got .8 inches. wind gusts up to six miles an hour this afternoon. that could cause a few power outages. that is possible due to the gusty wind. there's no rain locally. it's moving in, knocking on our doorstep right now. that stretching from hancock all the way into luray, that is pushing through winchester and into
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martinsburg and approaching frederick. that line of rain will slide east and will move over the metro area and give us additional rainfall, beneficial rain. notice more numerous and widespread showers and just off to our west and southwest. that will continue to push eastward. on the far left of the screen behind a cold front, there's a lot of showers developing. that should reach us around noon. we could have a few thunderstorms with that secondary line of showers around lunchtime. we cannot not rule out an isolated thunderstorm. in the 40's locally right now, 42 in gaithersburg, 50 degrees for the high temperature at noon. temperatures will drop into the low 50's's after that this afternoon, becoming windy. as a wind advisory at 11:00 a.m. and there's a high wind warning at 2:00 p.m. threw 7:00 p.m. as
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there could be gusts of 60 miles an hour. cooler tomorrow, not as windy, highs in the 40's. increasing clouds on sunday with showers on monday. 66, 95, 95, looks good, quiet on the beltway in fairfax county. let's look at the march up to the beltway, does starting on ropes 4. roadside is good. there's a crash gone from prince george's county. 95 in maryland, normal travel times at the baltimore- washington parkway. 270 southbound, this is the approach to shady grove road from gaithersburg on the camera. back to you. >> thank you. 44 degrees, 5:22. >> for george mason, the conference title is in the back, but the patriots have their sights set on bigger game.
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>> today on "oprah," supreme icon diana ross at 4:00 on abc 7.
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good morning. the patriots held fast, played with composure last night. they beat northeastern, 67-61 to win the conference championship. picking up in the second half, game tied.
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mason leads, 47-44 the patriots turned up the defense. lucas hancock bear. there's a nifty pass. 52-53. this is mason's 14th straight victory, along destination. >> these winning streaks basically represent all the hard work these guys ever put in since august. they have been able to overcome a lot of pride. they have overcome adversity. >> surgery yesterday on chris white's broken and was successful. georgetown says that he may be backed by the n.c.a.a. tournament. at a great day. 5:26, 45 degrees. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> the first family in the shadows of motown, a special white house concert.
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>> the state of maryland takes a giant step toward legalizing same-sex marriage. gay-rights activists, are celebrating, but opponents are vowing to fight. details coming up. >> reader colleges adam caskey in the weather center, tracking areas of rain pushing into the washington area. there's a threat of storms and
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on a friday morning, a triple threat. crane, fog, and wind -- rain, fog, and wind. february 25, i am alison
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starling. >> i am greta kreuz. adam caskey has the forecast. it is foggy. >> and is damp. there's a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and it will be mild around lunchtime. we have areas of rain moving from the west to the east. areas of yellow, hagerstown to martinsburg is an embedded downpour. scattered showers pushing in for the morning rush hour today. areas of rain through lunchtime and we could have a few thunderstorms around lunchtime up until about 1:30. high temperatures will be around 60 degrees at that time and thereafter the temperatures will drop to the 50's, unusually early high temperatures, becoming very windy today. there could be gusts of 60 miles an hour this afternoon.
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between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. there's a high wind warning. tomorrow, much lighter wind, in the low 40's for the temperature. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy on sunday with third lady showers in the mid 50's. next chance of rain is on monday. we could use a look at traffic. let's do that. 270 southbound, moving pretty slowly on the wet pavement. no accidents on 270 between 70 and 495. traffic coming out of leesburg, that looks ok. that's the greenway and 28 underneath. quiet is from sterling getting to centreville. 66, adjust volume growing in manassas and fair oaks. 95, al dale city normal. back to you. >> thank you. some severe storms blew through the region. lightning struck the arkansas
5:32 am
state capitol dome in block. the building was not damaged, but nearby houses were not as lucky. for weather updates anytime of the day, log on to the crisis in libya continues to escalate this morning. americans are trying to evacuate as anti-government protesters moved toward the capital. >> the growing crisis could have an economic impact right here. pamela brown has the latest developments from the satellite center. >> good morning. if the violence in libya is escalating as anti-government protesters increase their demonstrations. all of this is leading to a loss in oil supplies, having a ripple effect on gas prices at home for us. this independent video from the eastern port city in libya shows the brutal force against anti- government protesters. >> a shot people in the head and
5:33 am
in the chest directly. they want to kill the people. >> protesters vowed to keep pushing toward the city capital. >> there's no division between us. >> moammar gaddafi is standing firm. he is blaming al qaeda for the uprising. andin laden.en a >> americans try to leave by boat are still stuck because of high seas. the white house says president obama is doing everything he can. >> he is concerned about the safety of americans. >> it is having a ripple effect on oil prices. fears that it will hurt the economic recovery. national leaders -- international leaders are scrambling. some saudi officials say that
5:34 am
they will make up for the eight -- for the oil shortage. rescuers are continuing to search the wreckage in christchurch, new zealand since tuesday's devastating earthquake. the relatives are waiting for word of their loved one's fate. officials now say the death toll stands at 113> a landmark decision could have a big impact on abortion rights in virginia. the general assembly passed a bill requiring clinics to meet the same standards as hospitals. critics of the legislation say that the change could for 17 of the 21 clinics in the state to close. governor bob mcdonnell says that he will sign the bill. history is being made in maryland. a free state senate has legalize same-sex marriage in the senate
5:35 am
and now it's on its way to the house. mike conneen has details. >> good morning. arguably, this effort to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland has passed its biggest hurdle by passing the senate last night with a vote of 25-21. a couples and activists cheered outside the maryland senate chambers for the passage of this bill. the senate bill is the first openly gay member named richard celebrated with the advocates for the bill protects churches and religious organizations from having to recognize gay unions. the palace is likely now to pass the legislation and the governor is expected to sign off as well. senator nancy jacobs intends to lead a petition drive so the issue can be brought to a statewide referendum. she and others argue that marriage is only meant for a man and woman. they will make an effort to collect enough signatures to qualify for a referendum on the
5:36 am
ballot by this summer. if they do that, they could get on the november 2012 ballot, with a statewide referendum. reporting live from annapolis, mike conneen. the white house was rocking with the sound of motown last night. let's listen. ♪ i have loved you a million years ♪ >> you know that is tv wonder, one of the artists to perform for president obama during a special concert honoring black history month. other performers include smokey robinson, jamie foxx, sheryl crow, and nick jonas. it will be broadcast next tuesday. >> it's 45 degrees. >> dillon read, charlie sheen's public meltdown -- still ahead. he has cancelled his own show and producers have a message on thei-- a message of their own.
5:37 am
>> a high-ranking d.c. official is out of a job while the mayor stays out of sight. we will have a live report.
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i am with fellow cast members from "cymbeline"playing
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at the 60th year company through march 6. we invite you to see the spellbinding shakespeare fairytale. >> good morning, washington. good friday morning, adam caskey with the forecast. rain is pushing through the region, approaching the metro area. the leading edge moving into frederick and stafford county. this will push off to the east and more rainshowers anticipated through the morning. three waves of rain expected and this is the first year the second one is off to the west in virginia still appear the third wave is just a narrow band the other off into kentucky and continuing to push eastward. we will have areas of rain through the morning and a few thunderstorms possible around lunchtime today. we cannot rule out an isolated severe storm. temperatures will reach near 60 degrees around lunchtime. that will be a lot earlier in the day for the high
5:41 am
temperature. it will be windy this afternoon. there's a high wind warning from the national weather service for the entire region with wind gusts approaching 60 miles an hour. isolated power outages possible. partly cloudy. been diminishing at night. in the 40's on saturday. mostly cloudy on sunday. in the 50's on sunday. there's a chance of organized rain showers on monday with a few storms possible. we have some reduced visibility. there was an accident reported a moment ago on 95 coming out of fredericksburg into stafford. now it's at the centreport parkway, blocking the right lane. we had this. no problems on 66. but there is heavier volume. a slowdown in manassas at 28, centerville, and 2at 50.
5:42 am
selling at 109, southbound on 270. i spoke with metro will and they are on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 45 degrees. >> coming up, a preview of a princess. >> courtney robinson, northwest's, vincent gray once again is under fire after a one of his aides was fired. >> first day of discovery's trip to the international space station. an u
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good morning. welcome back. checking our top stories at 5:45 on friday. the libyan leader is facing intense international pressure over its violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. the u.n. security council will
5:46 am
meet today to decide what actions to take against him. protesters appeared to be closer to the capital over there > the maryland house of delegates is expected to begin debating a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland. the state senate approved the bill yesterday. opponents say they are gathering signatures for a possible referendum next year. the space shuttle discovery is on its way to the international space station for a final mission. the astronauts today will serve a shuttle to look for any damage from yesterday's launch. it will dock at the space station on saturday. it has been a rough week for the d.c. government. first there was council chair kwame brown and his suvs. and now the abrupt firing of a high-level aides in vincent gray's administration. courtney robinson has the latest from the west in the drama. >> all of this came down yesterday. sulaiman brown was working for
5:47 am
the department of health care finance when he was fired amid allegations that he assaulted a 13-year-old girl in 2007 and impersonated a police officer. sulaiman brown says that he only wanted to help mayor vincent gray, but his criminal past has many questioning vincent gray and les brown without a job. >> i am disappointed. prexy initially ran for mayor, but dropped out and encouraging voters to support vincent gray. vincent gray appointed him to a $110,000 per year job. >> i don't believe someone should get sent over and miraculously get a $110,000 with no background in the subject matter. >> some are concerned but the mayor's decision and this, light upon kwame brown having two city-funded fully loaded suv's.
5:48 am
>> i have not spoken with ground in zero weeks. -- in a week. >> vincent gray is under scrutiny for nepotism now. four men robbed a store in falls church yesterday in broad daylight in the morning around 10:30 on payne street in the baileys crossroads area. the four walked into the store, display handguns, took some jewelry and left. the owner of the store ran out to chase the man. one of the robbers turned around and fired shots, but did not strike that man. the fbi is investigating a spike in armored car robberies in the district. there have been 12 robberies or attempted robberies armored cars
5:49 am
since last march. in previous years there have been about 3 per year. investigators are looking for a possible link between the recent crimes. it's friday. ahead ofy and windy us. >>. let's get >. t. let's get to i we have areas of thick fog. thunderstorms expected amount:. tapped into additional rain on top of what we had last night expected. more than that farther north of the metro area near the mason- dixon line. it will be very windy today with gusts up to 60 miles an hour or possible. that could lead to a few power outages here and there. isolated. let's look at the radar screen.
5:50 am
there's a band of rain stretching north to south, but it's moving west to east and moving into the beltway in virginia, 270, approaching the 95 corridor, pushing off to the east through the morning. 46 right now downtown, 36 in frederick, 45 in manassas. this is the band that we were looking at, the first band of rain that's pushing into the region. then we have another band and just behind that moving through west virginia that does not look as organized. what is interesting is there is a third band of rain that will reach us around midday behind a cold front. you will notice that we have a little organizing from kentucky down into tennessee. once that gets to our metro area close to noon, we could have a few thunderstorms. so that's possible, a few storms around lunchtime. it is not likely, but it is
5:51 am
slightly possible we could have been isolated severe storm with gusty wind being the biggest threat with maybe some damaging winds and a thunderstorm this midday. if temperatures will drop this afternoon. near 60 at lunchtime. after that, and temperatures will drop and skies will clear. there's a high wind warning from 2:00 through 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy tomorrow. cholera and in low 40's. in the 50's on sunday, mostly cloudy. the rain has moved into 270 southbound. we have been watching this camera since 4:00 this morning. it has just been some wet pavement. now it is wet with a bad storm moving through. let's look at leesburg, they are in the rain. unfortunately, traffic out of stafford has an accident, northbound 95, allow yourself extra time into fredericksburg
5:52 am
and stay to the left. back to you. >> thank you. proctor and gamble and raises prices again. and target stores are increasing prices. >> let's go to linda bell live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. i know that you are both hoping it's not true. you may go to target to save money, but the discount store and will need to raise prices to offset higher costs. commodity prices are rising especially for cotton. procter and gamble makes tide detergent all the way to pampers diapers. the company already raised some prices, but says it still faces increased commodity costs. it expects to pass on the costs to consumers. expect to see them take effect by the end of the year. encouraging signs among the business community in the d.c. area. local small-business owners,
5:53 am
business costs are expected to rise. nearly a quarter of them plan to hire workers this year. it's more than national average. -- that is more than the national average. stocks indicating higher open for this morning. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. have a great weekend. it's 45 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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cbs and warner brothers are pulling the plug on this season of charlie sheen's sitcom. yesterday charlie sheen called into a radio show and went on a rant that included antisemitic references to the producer of his show. he called alcoholics anonymous of bootleg cult. the network released a statement saying that it's based on the totality of charlie sheen statements and condition and his conduct. the show was put on hold while he was hospitalized for a drug and alcohol binge. the future of the sitcom is on shore. that was nasty. >> it was difficult to listen to. >> it was ugly. i don't know what it is within n -- with him.
5:57 am
adam caskey, you are a man, why don't you tell us? him. am not like ki prince william and kate middleton will announce a scholarship in honor of the will couple at the college where they met. the woman that will be princess carry out their first public used to gather since becoming engaged. a dedicated a raft. .> she is not princess' yet >> that's why she could not break the bottle. she wore a tweed coat, a chocolate scarf. william did the talking. the first of many public appearances for the couple before their royal wedding. >> everybody is dressing up like
5:58 am
her in great britain. >> she is as cute as a button. there's a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> hot flashes could be good for your help depending on when they strike. >> as the violence rises in strike. >> as the violence rises in libya, so
5:59 am
and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. u're getting it. you're getting it.

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